Inspired by a desire to explore and perpetuate ‘the art of light’, Nicci Kavals is a designer driven by intuition, with a process that embodies an innate sense of unrestrained freedom.  The evocative nature of light and the forms it takes interplay with Nicci’s imagination, personal memories and everyday experiences resulting in work that is a tangible yet visceral expression  of her true self.

Her fascination with the shadow play of light and the inherent soul that is revealed within each mouth-blown piece, is manifested through artisanal craftsmanship and is present in each piece she creates.  She works with artisans from around the globe who share her reverence for the individuality of materials, to create collections that are organic in form with a nuanced balance.

Her non-traditional design career spans more than 25 years with a defining moment in 2012 when she established Articolo. Since then, she has cultivated light, believing in its beauty and the role it plays in shaping mood and moment.

Green’s distinctive designs transcend the everyday and are specified globally in leading luxury hotels, restaurants and high-end private residential projects.


As a team, we collaborate with a close network of craftsmen and women whose skill and talent we deeply respect.  Our love for the artisanal nature of materiality in its different forms from the nuances of mouth-blown glass to solid metals, ceramics, stone and leather, is reflected in the human element of generational artisans whose value cannot be replicated though mass production.

Together we uphold ideas, exploration, creativity and curiosity as a collective, with a unified vision that ensures each finished piece is testament to the many minds and hands that have interpreted Nicci’s unique design language.


Each Articolo piece is the result of many skilled hands working in tandem. From the famed glassblowers of Murano to Australian metalworkers and Italian jewellers, our lights are only possible with the work of artisans from around the globe.

We recently captured their spirit and their dedication in our debut short film, Artisanally Articolo.